December 7, 2008

Spiced Cider Cranberry Sauce

Before I left for Thanksgiving break I bought a bag of cranberries at the Farmer's Market because they were so perfect looking and seasonal. I had planned on making some cranberry sauce before I left but soon realized I had way too much work to think about such things. Luckily cranberries keep very well. They can be kept in the fridge for 3 weeks to a month and in the freezer for much longer than that. So when I got back from break, surprisingly not cranberry-ed out from Thanksgiving, I decided to make some.

I had read a recipe on epicurious about a cranberry sauce using dried cherries and cherry cider and coincidentally my roommate and her family had made a similar one for their Thanksgiving- and she said it was amazing. Since I wasn't really in the mood to go out into the cold searching for cherry cider I decided to improvise and just make my own cranberry sauce using some things we already had.

Since I had no less work coming back from Thanksgiving break and thus no time to buy any groceries for about a week, I pretty much ate this cranberry sauce with everything. In oatmeal, on top of yogurt, as a sandwich spread, by itself, whatever- and it was all quite delicious. And if I can give you any advice I would say, DO NOT skip the cherries. When boiled in the cider and cranberries they puffed up and filled with juices that burst through your mouth after the first bite.

Spiced Cider Cranberry Sauce (with apples and dried cherries)

1 12 oz bag cranberries
1 cup Spiced Apple Cider
1/3 cup dried cherries (tart or bing- I did a mixture)
1 apple, peeled and chopped (I used a pink lady)
1/3 cup sugar*
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon


Bring the cider to a boil, peel and chop the apple then coat pieces with cinnamon. Add the sugar to the cider and when it has dissolved add the cranberries, dried cherries and apple. Boil until the cranberries begin to burst and the sauce thickens- about 15 minutes.

*I like my cranberry sauce pretty tart, so you may want to add a bit more sugar to this recipe if you'd like something sweeter.

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