What wholey treats is:

wholey treats is about baking and cooking with whole, minimally processed ingredients most of the time.  I don't subscribe to a particular food philosophy and don't believe one thing will work for everyone.  When it comes to food there is no right way, there's just your way.  

wholey treats isn't just about baked goods.  I know the word "treat" is usually associated with sweets but, not to be lame (or like a boilerplate essay), I looked the word up in the dictionary and was confronted with a very fitting description.

treat (n)- food or drink given as a compliment or expression of friendliness; anything that affords particular pleasure or enjoyment
    It's perfect.  Not only do I love sharing food with others and baking/ cooking for special occasions, but I also think good food is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable aspects of life.

    What wholey treats isn't:

    wholey treats isn't about classifying specific foods as good or bad.  The name's intention is to be fun and playful, not to suggest that eating one way is right and another is wrong.  I appreciate the health benefits of whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, but I also respect the traditions and techniques of time tested recipes.