November 23, 2008

Kale for Brunch

Thinking (i.e. not thinking) it would be a great idea to buy lots of fresh vegetables only a little more than a week before I'm supposed to leave for Thanksgiving break has left me trying to think of creative ways to put all these veggies to use so they don't go to waste.  Thus, I've been eating kale with pretty much everything.  I got the idea for this recipe from Orangette's post entitled "Pleasantly Sogged" and yes, it was.  

So for a new (or maybe not so new?) twist on kale I decided to have it, instead of spinach, with toasted homemade bread, tomatoes, gouda, and an over easy egg.  It was satisfying, warm, and a great way to incorporate a healthy seasonal vegetable into a quick meal.  

A Seasonal Take on an Egg on Toast

1 large stalk of kale
1 roma tomato
1 egg
1 thick slice rustic bread, lightly toasted
a few slices gouda (or your favorite cheese)

oil for the pan
salt and pepper to taste

Chop the kale width wise in long thin ribbons, about 1/4 inch thick, place in a pan, cover with salted water and place over high heat.  Chop the tomato, slice cheese, and toast the bread.  Boil the kale for about 7-10 minutes (or longer depending on your taste- I like mine still with some bite).  Drain the kale in a colander.  Add a tiny bit of oil, drained kale and tomatoes to the pan. Saute until heated through then lay over toasted bread.  Place cheese slices over top.  In the same pan, crack an egg and fry with a tight lid over the top, this will create an over-easy egg.  Once the white has hardened and there is a white layer over the still runny yolk, remove egg from pan and place over the veggie/cheese mixture on toast.  Add salt and pepper and enjoy.

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AC Burman said...

oooh, that looks good, but you should still be sure to make the boiled kale from orangette. it is divine. you can ask katie, i've made it at least 4 times here since finding the recipe and turned my family onto it during thanksgiving. i am now a boiled kale missionary!