February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas

Because the best thing about most holidays is the food.

Unique, refreshing, and festively colored.  Plus, grapefruits are in season.

Amazingly versatile and no-doubt-about-it delicious.  Anyone who doesn't like a creamy wedge of Brie wrapped and baked in a flaky pie crust is beyond my comprehension.

Served alone or sliced a-top a green salad, these are a light and satisfying appetizer.

A meat-free take on a the traditional Beef Bourgiugnon that doesn't taste like it's missing a thing.  Plus, I just watched Julie & Julia.

Be still, my heart.

Light and chock-full of vegetables; this will leave you with plenty of room for dessert.

For all you meat lovers out there, my ex-boyfriend was (is) one too.

Because Valentine's Day means chocolate, and this would be great with some vanilla ice cream.

mini version
Always, always, a crowd pleaser.  Just ask my friend Pamela-- it was her birthday cake two years in a row (wish I could make it for you this year!).

If chocolate isn't your thing; I'd like to meet you by the way-- but actually, we probably wouldn't get along.

If you still want to keep it healthy, these are great.  I'd probably be making some today if I had any dates (the fruit, mind you)!

Hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day! I'd love to know if you try any of these recipes! xo

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Oh man, will you be my Valentine and make all of this for me? ESPECIALLY the red velvet cake? I'll pay for shipping and handling! hah