June 12, 2010

Mango Lassi Parfait

This is just too good and too easy not to share with you right away.  So let me get to it.

I'm sure some of you have tried (or at least heard of) Gena's Banana Soft Serve and, if you haven't I encourage you to try some immediately! It's just frozen bananas whirled in the food processor until smooth, creamy, and amazingly ice cream-like.  That's sort of where the idea for this parfait came from.  I like bananas but sometimes I want to switch it up and this is great way to do just that.

The mangoes work nicely because, similar to the bananas, they process to a creamier consistency than other fruits like berries or citrus would.  If you're in the mood for a satisfying tropical treat that's still healthy, I think this might be it.

Mango Lassi Parfait
Serves 1

1/2 cup Greek yogurt of choice (or alternative yogurt if you want a vegan version)
3 tablespoons light coconut milk
~1 cup frozen mango chunks (I use 1 serving of Trader Joe's, which is 16 pieces)
cold water as needed (about 3 tablespoons but this depends on how thick or thin you want the 'mango sorbet' to be)
1/2 teaspoon honey (optional)

Mix your yogurt with the coconut milk and stir until well combined (if you're using coconut milk yogurt or soy yogurt, which have a thinner consistency than Greek, you may want to use a bit more yogurt and omit some or all of the coconut milk). Set aside.

Place frozen mango chunks in your food processor with 1 tablespoon cold water. Process until smooth, adding additional water as needed.

Alternate layering a glass with the yogurt mixture and the 'mango sorbet' mixture. Drizzle honey over top. Enjoy!


Iris said...

I make berry parfaits with So Delicious coconut milk yogurt all the time, and they are such a wonderful, healthy treat for my kids. I hadn't thought of using frozen mangoes. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely make this.

Lauren said...

LOVE the idea of mango soft serve!!! This parfait looks delicious :).

DAVID JIN said...

ahh marry me

DAVID JIN said...

no seriously

Lynna said...

hahaha, are marriage proposals via blog comment as bad as post-it note break ups? ;)