October 16, 2011

An Announcement and a Recipe

First things first, I'm no longer a very good blogger.  Life gets in the way, but I think I'm ok with that and hopefully you are too.  So here's my big(ish) announcement: I've been hired as a Vegan Baker! My fashion industry job ended last Tuesday and this Tuesday I started baking professionally.  I still feel weird saying that because I've never thought of myself as a "professional" anything, let alone a professional baker.  Right now I'm just trying to enjoy the experience, learn a lot and feel it out.  The bakery I'm working at is probably one of the best I could have found for a myriad of reasons that probably wouldn't interest you, so I'll save my fingers some work on this one.

...buuut in case anyone does have questions, ask away! I'm always happy to respond.

So, the recipe.  These Romano beans were at the farmer's market for a few weeks in a row in late September and I loved them.  I prepared them a bunch of times but always played off the same base ingredeints because to me, they just worked.

Sweet and Salty Romano Beans
Base ingredeints:
Oil packed sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
Onion, diced
Garlic, minced
Romano beans
Good jam/ preserves (I used Harvest Song, Golden Fig)
Nama shoyu, tamari or  regular soy sauce
salt to taste

Other additons:
Balsamic vinegar
Japanese yam, cubed (these taste like a more starchy chestnuts)
Sweet potato, cubed
toasted almonds or cashews, chopped

In a large saucepan, saute onion in the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes until softened.  Add the tomatoes and garlic and continue to saute for another minute or so. 
Add the romano beans and a bit of salt and continue to saute over medium heat.  Once the beans have cooked a bit, add the shoyu and the jam to taste and mix until everything is coated. Continue cooking until beans are cooked to your liking.
Top with toasted nuts if desired.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I hope the job is a stepping stone.

Julia said...

I think I'm gonna make a version of this tonight for dinner! Thanks love, I was all out of ideas for what to do!